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Due to a flood of spam, account creation on this wiki has been (temporarily?) disabled. If you want to contribute to the wiki, please send an e-mail to:
magnus [ at ] enger [ dot ] priv [ dot ] no.


Apologies to anyone and everyone called Marc. This site is not about you. It's about a bunch of library metadata standards collectively known as MARC. About the name

MARC is dead



  • BIBFRAME - Bibliographic Framework Transition Initiative Forum


The goals of this site are four-fold:

  1. To discuss the objectives of bibliographic metadata in the current environment
  2. To collect views, links, literature etc on why MARC doesn't meet the requirements of todays need for bibliographic metadata
  3. To discuss alternatives that might replace MARC
  4. To encourage activities that undermine MARC

Alternatives to MARC

As Jonathan Rochkind, Bill Dueber and others have pointed out, MARC is not a format or a model, but a crude mixture of ideas. Therefore any serious alternative should not be one silver bullet but a well-choosen set of apropriate tools for each particular task. Possible tools include:

Getting there from here


See also

  • futurelib - Designing the future -- Library Systems and Data Formats


Consult the MediaWiki User's Guide and the Semantic MediaWiki User Manual for information on using the wiki software. Site technicalities

This site is hosted by Libriotech. It is provided as a free service to the library community, in the hope that it will generate some momentum away from the MARC standards. Please feel free to add your point of view!

This is a wiki that anyone can edit, after registering. All opinions are the repsonsibilities of their authors. Spam and any other content not relevant to the topic at hand will be removed, and spammers blocked forever.

Why MARC was inadequate

MARC is not one standard, but rather a family of standards, and some related formats:

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